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Do you work with 2-8 year old students? An afternoon presentation and complimentary network event

Increasingly educators are facing complex linguistic classroom environments with students coming from a variety of different home languages (often more than one), into schools with one or more instructional languages. How do schools and teachers best meet these challenges?

The event will feature a 45-minute presentation by Dr.Twila Tardif, a renowned and published scholar in the study of how children learn their native language and how that impacts learning a second language. She is a professor at the University of Michigan in the Department of Psychology and also serves on the curriculum board for Age of Learning.

Dr. Tardif speaks several languages, including Mandarin, which she learned while teaching English in a rural community in central China. Dr. Tardif earned her Ph.D. at Yale.

Event Takeaways

  1. Supporting students from diverse linguistic backgrounds
  2. How to use children’s native language skills to develop foreign language abilities
  3. Using spoken language skills to develop deeper understandings of English language literacy
  4. What matters most for literacy?
  5. Using language to learn language

An event by 21st Century Learning International & Age of Learning

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