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In this 2.5 hour hackathon, you will use the same process used by leading companies outside of school to hack the secrets of high-quality project-based learning experiences to build more socially, globally and emotionally aware citizens.

How do we design curricular connected learning experiences that build SEL skills in students? In this workshop, Kyle will guide participants through a real-world project-based experience to uncover the answer. Participants will uncover the secrets to high-quality inquiry; project facilitation; authentic assessment; and curated exhibition. They will walk away ready to design a high-quality project-based experience for their learners in the 2021-2022 school year. 

We encourage curriculum teams to attend this high-impact workshop. 

21st Century Schools and educators recognize that project-based learning is a key strategy in contemporary schooling. This workshop will

  • Teach the 8 components for high-quality learning experiences
  • Discuss how to infuse cross-curricular content and standards
  • Provide insight into how to facilitate learning experiences that allow for diverse needs and learning styles
  • Reveal how PBL can build social/ emotional skills in learners
  • Provide examples of ‘authentic’ assessment 


This workshop is based on team pricing. We want these 21C Schools Workshops to have an impact in schools and we know that the most effective training – that changes practice –  is when you have all the relevant people having a common frame of reference. For this workshop, it might make sense to have an Assistant Principal, Director of Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Coordinator and of course, Classroom Teacher Team attend. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are wondering who to send.

$199USD  For two places

$350USD For three to five attendees

$475USD For six to eight attendees

$599USD For 9 or more attendees

$75USD For video recording

Groups must be from the same group. If registering as a school group please get in touch for special pricing.

Who Should Attend?

  • Teachers
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Curriculum Coordinators
  • After School Coordinators
  • School Leaders
  • Innovation/ Instructional Coaches
  • Directors of Teaching and Learning

Feedback from attendees:

“Kyle worked closely with 24 members of our staff through a pbl immersive program. As a result of his work, our students have examined the intersection between space and music, our outdoor leadership coordinator re-designed our service trips to include project-based learning activities rooted to reach the SDG goals. Even educators that didn’t take the program have gotten wind and are looking to integrate more projects in their units. Working with Kyle was a dream come true. He comes with that kind of energy that re-ignites dormant passions. That paired with his deep understanding of PBL theoretically and practically through his many years of experience, and the plethora of schools he’s partnered with; provide foundation and motivation for our teachers to thrive in developing pbl units. His program is perfect for schools that are re-envisioning education for the future where learning isn’t dictated from the top-down, but from student inquiry; and where departments don’t work in silos, but work collaboratively.” – Jose Rivera, Learning Accelerator at the American International School of Hong Kong

“Kyle was very organized and thoughtful in his delivery, had a very strong knowledge in the area, and was very supportive for those who are new to project-based learning, or already had a very good knowledge of the approach. Kyle had excellent follow up, checked in with us and answered all our questions. And now our teachers have the confidence to try this approach in their classrooms, and this is having a great impact on learning here at BCIS.” – Megan Eddington, IDEATE/Secondary School Coordinator at Beijing City International School 

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