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Explore successful models for creative, innovative and sustainable coaching programs.


This engaging 2.5-hour session will invite participants to explore different approaches to implementing innovation and technology coaching in schools. Participants will learn how individual schools have designed, resourced, and utilized innovation and technology coaches.

Whether you are a school that already has coaches or thinking about adopting or expanding a coaching program, you won’t want to miss this essential professional learning and leadership opportunity. 

Coaches are becoming essential parts of a school’s learning environment.  However, as this is a rapidly evolving area, there are no “blueprints.” For every successful technology and innovation coaching program in a school, there is another that is not being leveraged to its full potential. 

This symposium will prompt thinking and provide ideas to support school-based decisions around how they approach technology and innovation coaching.

This session is applicable to tech and innovation coaches (or those that aspire to be) as well as leadership in schools that are seeking to strengthen their coaching program (or implement one).

Symposium Highlights

  • How to make coaching sustainable in your school?
  • How do you balance meeting the needs of all teachers with working with the willing?
  • How to successfully collaborate with other coaches (i.e literacy, Math, etc) at the school?
  • The importance of a mission and vision for coaching in your school?
  • What are the key skills and attributes necessary for tech and innovation coaches?
  • How do you measure success in tech and innovation coaching?
  • Take away resources – job descriptions used in a variety of schools

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Essential Questions

  • How are tech and innovation coaches best positioned in schools? As part of the instructional coaching team? As part of the technology team?
  • How do you get started with a coaching program in a school with little history of instructional coaching?
  • How do you know which coaching approach or model is right for your school?

Workshop Structure

HK Time (GMT+8)

LengthAgenda Item
Introductions, Theory, Best Practice, Design
20mGuest Speaker Keynote


Showcase 1
20mShowcase 2
Panel Discussion
-One question from the floor


Showcase 3

5mTransition to Wonder
Breakout Conversations Around Areas of Common Interest
Wrapup / Closing Thoughts

..Breakout room is open for anyone who wishes to keep chatting.

Who Should Attend and Why?

  • Technology Coaches
  • Innovation Coaches
  • Educators who would like to move into a tech or innovation coaching roles
  • STEM/STEAM Coordinators/Specialists
  • Directors of EdTech / Directors of Innovation
  • Curriculum Coordinators
  • School-Based Leaders 
  • Group Technology Directors

We encourage teams to attend the workshop so they can take advantage of hearing the multiple perspectives presented. This will support schools and their teams in subsequent internal engagements including discussion, design, and undertaking team reflections.

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