21st Century Learning International Sustainability Pledge

One of they key reasons we started 21CLI was to fulfil our vision of building communities of learners that would hopefully impact on education “at scale” that went well beyond our own schools.

We have come to realize, that beyond sharing great educational practices and providing thought leadership in education, we can also have a considerable impact on other schools and organisations by modelling good practice in the production of our events.

Last year we adopted a new 21C Code of Conduct to communicate openly about the sort of social environment we want to see at our events. Subsequent to the launch of the code, numerous attendees have said it inspired them to look at existing principles and practices at their own schools, and to become agents of change themselves.

21st Century Learning International Sustainability Pledge

Today we are launching our 21C Sustainability Pledge that we hope will promote the concept of sustainability within our own communities of educators, schools, partners, and suppliers. Our Sustainability Pledge is about ensuring that we always try to do the right thing, and by doing this, encourage others who are involved in some way with our events, to go back to their schools or organizations and consider what they might do as well. We’d love to hear from you about your success stories!

Justin Hardman & Graeme Deuchars

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