21st Century Learning International Sustainability Pledge

We are committed to reducing the impact our events have on the environment. To become a truly sustainable community we need you to help us in whatever way you can. 

21st Century Learning International is committing to: 

  • Avoiding single-use plastics
  • Re-using items as much as possible from event to event
  • Producing high-quality collateral that people want to use/re-use, and encouraging our partners to do this as well
  • Not to throw away what can be kept and reused
  • Working with vendors to avoid unnecessary packaging
  • Reducing the use of “single-use” non-recyclable signage
  • Not to over cater events with perishable food and to ensure that any excess food is processed in a socially responsible manner.
  • Providing event resources digitally where possible and encourage our partners to do this as well
  • Carbon offsetting all flights we book in the production of our events
  • Working with venue providers to ensure trash is separated and recycled where possible
  • Continually seeking new ways to be efficient and sustainable and to update this pledge periodically

We encourage attendees at our events to:

  • Only take as much food as you can eat
  • Not taking collateral and gift items you don’t plan to keep and/or give away
  • Providing mechanisms for participants at our events to carbon offset their travel impact