We’re an organization designed for the 21st century, here to make learning relevant, powerful and authentic to students.

Our Organization

21CLI was started by senior educators who wanted to better connect teachers and K-12 school leaders, to share good practices around what learning in schools can and must be in the 21st century.

To that end, we bring together diverse teams to meet our partners' needs. Our output takes form in many shapes and sizes, but our mission remains constant: to help educators and schools develop best practices and their internal capabilities for education today. With our support, over 5,000 educators and counting have discovered effective uses for technology in learning, teaching and administrative operations.

Our Beliefs

Worry about uptake, not uptime.

Stability and accessibility of information technology systems are irrelevant if no one is using them.

Learn from practice.

We learn from our clients, from each other, and from the people around us.

Focus on the learner.

Any information technology project should begin with the driving question: how will this improve learning?

Graeme Deuchars

Founder & Director

Justin Hardman

Founder & Director

Michael Boll

Director for Professional Development & Learning

Dana Watts

Director of Innovation

Avinash Dadlani

Marketing & Events Manager

Sean Yeo

Director of Partnerships

Lendl Macapinlac

Administrative Coordinator

Butch Balsomo

Web & Design Specialist

Our global network of education consultants works side-by-side with your school or partner organization to arrive at solutions tailored for your needs.

"The team at 21CL are great to work with. I found them very professional and reliable, and they make the whole experience easy."

Caroline Meek

Director of the Centre for International Education, UWCSEA
Let's find opportunities for innovation in your classroom, today.