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ISTE Certification for Educators is the only vendor-neutral, internationally recognized credential for educators who have demonstrated mastery of the ISTE Standards for Educators. ISTE Certification focuses on pedagogy, not on tools or devices, and is designed to change your educational practice, whether you’re an instructional designer, library media specialist, technology coach or in another role. The program combines 14 weeks of professional learning with a six-month portfolio application and review process, and recipients can apply to receive up to four graduate-level credits for their participation. Is it rigorous? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes!

What makes ISTE Certification unique?

  • Focus on pedagogy: ISTE Certification prioritizes pedagogy over learning specific tools or devices and is designed to change your practice.
  • Credible design: ISTE Certification is grounded in the ISTE Standards for Educators and is facilitated by ISTE Certified Trainers who are vetted and trained by ISTE, are experts in their field and who have demonstrated a deep understanding of the ISTE Standards in practice.
  • Rigor: The program involves 14 weeks of online learning, followed by up to six months to apply learning and develop job-embedded artifacts for portfolio submission. Participants can apply for up to four graduate-level credits.
  • Outcomes: ISTE Certified Educators are prepared to model effective practice for others in their schools.
  • Lifelong community: ISTE Certified Educators join a global community of educators dedicated to supporting each other as they put the Educator Standards into practice.

Steps to becoming an ISTE Certified Educator

  • Program Kickoff

    The structure of the fully online ISTE Certified Educator Course is to blend dynamic synchronous sessions with adequate time for independent and group asynchronous work in between. The 14 week course is designed to prepare you to work on your portfolio independently (but with support from ISTE and 21C Trainers).

    Note: Currently only Online Certifications are being offered due to the Pandemic. We hope to have face-to-face sessions resuming in 2022.

  • Part 1: 14 Week Online Course

    The 14 Week Online Course comprises 5 Synchronous sessions of 2 hours each.  There are two weeks in between synchronous sessions during which there is 6-8 hours of asynchronous work.

    Combined with offline work you should expect to spend approximately 40 hours in total on the 14 week online course. Actual time will vary depending on our prior experience with technology integration frameworks introduced and ISTE Standards.

  • Part 2: Curation and Submission of Portfolio

    After successful completion of the online learning program, you’ll have six months to prepare and submit a full portfolio, which typically takes about 40 hours to curate. During the process, you can access a certification portal with support resources, as well as a community of others seeking the ISTE Certification. Once submitted, a team of trained evaluators will review your portfolio. Successfully meet the criteria and you’ll become an ISTE Certified Educator!

Download Sample Syllabus

ISTE Download Syllabus

Why is it relevant to me?

This credential recognizes educators who understand how to use edtech for learning in meaningful and transformative ways.

Educators: Focused on Pedagogy. Based on the ISTE Standards
ISTE is focused on pedagogy, not tools. It’s not about edtech per se, it’s about what you do with the technology to transform learning and improve student outcomes.
For Classroom Educators, Coaches and Library Media Specialists
ISTE Certification helps build an educator’s professional profile and provides a digital credential to demonstrate mastery and earn recognition for his or her work in the application of the ISTE Standards, which define what it means to be a 21st century educator using technology to transform learning.
For School & District Leaders
ISTE Certification provides education leaders with a way to identify a school or district’s educators who are leading the way with digital age teaching practices and demonstrates to leaders those who have the initiative, drive and skills needed to transform, personalize and empower learning in the classroom and school. It also offers a way to recognize and support educators who are focused on growth. The certification also provides a vendor-neutral edtech credential that can be used in staff hiring decisions.

Why Get ISTE Certified?

ISTE Certification challenges you to stretch yourself as an educator and positions you as an expert among your colleagues. Becoming ISTE certified:

  • Deepens and expands your teaching skill set in applying the ISTE Standards for Educators in practice.
  • Allows you to earn up to four graduate-level credits.
  • Connects you with an international community of education change-makers.
  • Prepares you to model effective practice for others in your school or district.
  • Identify yourself with the ISTE Certified Educator email signature and digital badges
    Enhance your professional status and employability

With your certification in hand, you’ll earn the international recognition you deserve for your technology leadership skills. And you’ll be prepared to support your teacher network in integrating tech for all of the right reasons!

Join An Elite Group of 21CL ISTE Certified Educators

Lou Cimetta

Blueprint Learning

Ed Hagen

Homeroom-Grade Two
International School Bangkok

Stu Lowe

EdTech and Making Coach
Beacon Hill School

Shaun Schaller

Middle School Design Teacher
Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt - The American School of Lima

Ruchira Kochar

ES Technology Coordinator & Maker Coach
American Embassy School

Lindsey Schubert

Yangon International School

Ashraf Al-Rabah

Technology Integration Specialist
Al Bayan Bilingual School

Jennifer Hall

Educational Technologist
Humphreys Central ES

Joseph Strzempka

Founding Upper School Principal
Broadstone Academy

Jaleea Price

International School Bangkok

Huda Barghouti

Technology Integration Specialist
Al Bayan Bilingual School

Amita Patel

Technology Director
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (Pudong)

Leigh Thomas

Technology Coach
International Christian School

Katie Robbins

Grade 4 Teacher
Shanghai American School

Louise Phinney

The American International School of Bucharest

Daryl Davis Apas

ICT Specialist / ICT Teacher
Global English School (Bangkok)

Arlene Kline

Western International School of Shanghai

Adam Torrens

Digital Learning Leader
Stamford American International School

Linda Eide

Homeroom-Grade Two
International School Bangkok

Richard Taylor

STEM Coordinator
Humphrey Central Elementary School
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