Terms & Conditions

In registering for a 21st Century Learning International event, the delegate agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions in total. Confirming a booking is taken as acceptance of these terms and conditions and it is the delegates responsibility to read and understand before placing an order with 21st Century Learning International, henceforth referred to as 21CLI.


  1. All bookings are taken on these terms and conditions only.

  2. Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis, i.e. by received time and date. Bookings will be confirmed electronically via email and until confirmed, 21CLI will not hold any binding commitment.

  3. 21CLI only provides those services as detailed on the event web site

  4. Payment made to 21CLI is for the event services only as described on the event web site

  5. All bookings must be made through our online booking system and must be accompanied by full payment. Special arrangements for payment by telegraphic transfer can be made for bulk registration by contacting [email protected] but these bookings are not considered final until payment has been received in the nominated bank account. Organisations using this method of payment should ensure their institution name is clearly identified on the message to the payee.

  6. Bookings close at 17:00 HK time (GMT+8) seven days before the first day of the event. Enquiries for reservations after this date/time must be made directly to [email protected]

  7. All bookings must be paid for and in full seven days prior to the event.

  8. For certain events, links are provided to recommended hotels but in all instances, the arrangement for accommodation is made directly and exclusively between the delegate and the hotel and 21CLHK bears no responsibility for any aspect of this arrangement. Specifically, the delegate must separately book and pay for:-

    1. Hotel accommodation directly with the hotel. The event organisers have negotiated preferential rates for delegates with certain hotels (details on event web site) but the event organisers accept no responsibility of liability for the services provided by the hotel.

    2. Any extra’s charged to the room e.g. gratuities, drinks, room service, laundry etc. must be settled with the hotel on check-out.

    3. 21CLI is not responsible for such reservations and confirmations. Room reservations and confirmations are subject to the hotel’s terms and conditions. Please deal directly with the Hotel for information on terms and conditions for hotel bookings.

    4. Transport required to reach any other destination or venue is not included in the event fees.

    5. Hotel rooms may sell out at the preferential event rate and neither 21CLI or the hotel are liable for any difference in cost once the allocated # of rooms has been used. Delegates are advised to book their hotel at the earliest possible date to access the preferential pricing.

    6. Any other item not explicitly mentioned above is/are not included in the prices for each event.

Data Privacy

  1. Personal information provided as part of the registration process will be handled by 21CLI in accordance with the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Revised 2003.

    1. 21CLI will pass names and any other relevant personal data to the venue to allow the venue to comply with reservation, safety and security policies and procedures

    2. 21CLI will publish an attendance list (consisting of delegates’ names and organisational details) which will be distributed to all delegates and exhibitors attending the event unless the delegate has specifically requested to be omitted from this list. This notification must be emailed to [email protected] 10 days prior to the event starting.

    3. 21CLI will use the e-mail address provided to acknowledge bookings electronically. 21CLI will also this email to provide information about future events. An unsubscribe feature is provided on all 21CL mailings.

    4. 21CLI will make extensive use of digital photography and video recording to document the event and it is a condition of attending the event that the delegate agrees that 21CLI may use images for publicity and promotion purposes. 21CLI will only use images which present the delegate in a professional manner and appearance.

Dietary or Access Requirements

  1. Special requirements must be notified at the time of your application such as:

    1. Dietary requirements

    2. Access needs

    3. Any other special requirements the organiser should be aware of that relate to the delegates personal needs and/or safety


  1. It is a condition of booking that the delegate will behave in a manner that does not bring the 21CLI in general into disrepute.


  1. Guests are welcome to share accommodation with delegates and booking should be made direct with the Hotel in the normal way under the terms and conditions of the hotel.

  2. Guests of delegates are unable to attend the event, its general sessions, workshops, seminars and are not included in food and beverage numbers for the event. Guests will not be able to receive 21CLI services as detailed on the event web site.


  1. All workshops and seminars are advertised in good faith but circumstances beyond our control may result in amendments or cancellations.

  2. Where spaces are limited all workshops and seminars are offered on a first come, first served basis as determined by received time and date.

Events Cancellation

All registrations are considered final, even if invoice payment is selected. If registrants need to seek approval to attend conference, they should do so before registering.

Cancellation dates are considered to be the date 21CLI is notified the registrant wants to cancel

In the event that you need to cancel your event registration for any reason, the following refund rules will be strictly applied:

  • More than 60 calendar days prior to the first day of the event a 100% refund will be due less a US$50 administration fee.
  • Between 30 calendar days and 59 days prior to event a 50% refund will be due less a US$50 administration fee.
  • Between 15 calendar days and 29 days prior to event a 25% refund will be due less a US$50 administration fee
  • 14 calendar days prior to event no refund will be due under any circumstances
  1. Cancellation fees apply even if registration has not been paid
  2. In the case of cancellation or an alternative attendee being nominated, please contact[email protected] with full details of the change at the earliest opportunity

  3. An alternative attendee may attend without incurring additional fees.

Hotel Room Cancellation

    • More than 60 calendar days prior to the first day of the event a 100% refund will be due less a US$50 administration fee.
    • 59 calendar days prior to event no refund will be due under any circumstances
  • Rooms may be switched to other names with no financial penalty.
  • In the case of cancellation or an alternative attendee being nominated, please contact [email protected] with full details of the change at the earliest opportunity


  1. 21CLI and the host venue accept no responsibility or liability for the loss or damage to personal effects belonging to delegates or their guests.

  2. 21CLI reserves the right to cancel the event or vary any part of the event at its discretion. If the event is cancelled the maximum liability of 21CLI is the return of any money paid by delegates to 21CLI after non-refundable costs have been deducted (such as keynote speaker fees). There shall be no liability for variation made to the event proceedings. Where variations are to take place or there is to be cancellation, 21CLI will endeavour to give as much notice as reasonably possible.

  3. The 21CLI will not be liable for any failure or delay in the delivery of the event which is caused by circumstances beyond its control. Circumstances include, the failure of hosting venue or caters to deliver its services, Acts of God, industrial (Union) action, acts of terrorism, risk of infection from disease, anything liable to compromise public health, safety or civil disorder.

  4. Save for cases where its negligence causes death or personal injury, neither 21CLI host venue jointly or individually accept any responsibility or liability for any illness, damage to property or personal injury caused to delegates or their guests or others while at the event venue or while staying in the Hotel. Event delegates should ensure they are suitably covered by personal accident insurance and especially those who are travelling to the event from overseas.

  5. All speakers at the event are attending on their own behalf and 21CLI is not liable for anything they say or do.


  1. These conditions are the entire conditions between the parties relating to the event and supersede all other understandings.

  2. No temporary forbearance shall constitute a waiver.

  3. No third party may rely upon these conditions.

  4. The applicable law shall be Hong Kong law and the Hong Kong Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute.