Are You Using Google Photo? You Should Be!


2015-05-29-09_39_02-Google-Photos_-Die-Foto-App-mit-unbegrenztem-Speicherplatz-ist-da-Internet-ExpGoogle Photo is an awesome, free service you already have. It comes with your gmail account at school,  and at home, if you have a personal version.
Google Photo, with your permission, pulls every photo you take from your computer and/or mobile device and sends it up to your personal account.

I have been using this service for a while and LOVE it.

Six Reasons to Use Google Photo Now

  • It auto backs up all your photos like magic.
  • Photos are easily shared with friends and family.
  • The built in search engine is over the top phenomenal.  For example, if you type in the word beach, Google Photo will pull up all the pictures you have with a beach in the background.  Same with any other object such as a ball.
  • Storage is unlimited.  However, it uploads a lower quality version.
  • You can use Google Photo AND whatever system you are using right now. I mostly use it as a backup.
  • The system will create cool collages and videos on its own.  It sends you a notice and lets you check it out.

Getting Started

  1. Go to your Google Photos account:  Login and check it out.
  2. Download the Google Photos App.
    1. iPhone and ipad
    2. Android
  3. Download the Mac auto uploader if you like. I recommend this as it will backup all photos on your computer for you.  For me that was over 35,0000 photos.

Your Opinion

I find this program both fun, safe and helpful.  But always wonder about the continuing surrender to privacy.  What do you think?  Good program?  Does it ask for too much about you?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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