Blog Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in the 21st Century Learning blogging platform. We are very excited about this program and thrilled you are interested in participating.


The 21c Blogging program’s primary goal is to compliment our mission of “Building Communities of Learners.” There are a ton of educators out there with fantastic stories, resources and ideas. This program, along with the platform, gives voice to people like you.

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Topics and Sections

The blogging platform contains five distinct sections. This allows readers to have a consistent and recurring expectation of post types.


Trends and Topics
New innovations occurring now or on the horizon.

Helpful Tips, Ideas
Actionable advice and suggestions for creating innovation in the classroom or education generally.

Student Voice
Posts written by students and designed to help educators understand and empathize with their point of view.

An opportunity to provide an opinion on a matter important to education.

Leading Thoughts
Five educational leaders contribute a one paragraph point of view on a timely topic of the month.

Expectations and Understandings

  • Topic is relevant to international education
  • The post is of a reasonable length, usually 400-750 words. Longer pieces are acceptable as well, just contact us in advance.
  • The post should Include image(s) that enhance the post.  Where needed, appropriate credit will be given to the image owner. For example, a Creative Commons image.
    • 21c has its own account for stock photos. Let us know if you need access.
  • Posts will benefit from editorial review (simple edits and suggestions)
    • Final approval will be shared with you
  • Full author credit will go to you including a picture and brief bio.
  • Cross posting is encouraged. However, first posting on 21c is expected.

Promotion and Incentives

Suggested Writing Tools

  • Grammarly Chrome Extension.  I use this every day, even as this moment as I right this (I mean as I write this).
  • Analyze My Text.  Does a super job giving you stats on your writing such as word usage and much more.


Please submit your completed post, along with your bio, photo etc., via this form.

Questions, thoughts, comments?  Contact Michael Boll, Director of Professional Development.