Big Data, Bigger Ideas: Edtech Trends to Expect in 2018

From machine learning to big data, augmented reality to artificial intelligence (and every one and zero in between), 2018 looks set to be a whirlwind year in the EdTech arena. We’ve seen developments flourish and evolve throughout 2017 that will prove transformative – over the next 12 months – to both how technology is used in the classroom, as well as how it shapes Texthelp’s own work.

It’s certainly an exciting time for educators, and indeed for those with even a passing interest in technology, as we witness mainstream tech rapidly refined and then redefined for entirely new purposes. Thankfully, much of this is directly benefiting students and encouraging them to blossom in an increasingly digital world, and that’s something to celebrate.

Watch Texthelp’s CTO and head of R&D, Martin McKay, talk us through some of 2018’s most promising EdTech prospects.

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