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Learning and Networking for Educators

Participants volunteer to discuss a strategy they have implemented over the past year, or discuss a product that has enhanced their classroom practice. This is the perfect opportunity to share, network and learn with your peers in an informal setting.

What is the aim?

  • To inspire each other with interesting and useful ideas
  • To develop and maintain a network of partners in teaching and learning
  • To share ideas and strategies to use in the classroom and beyond

How do we connect?

Join our Facebook Group to connect with TeachMeet presenters and attendees.


We cannot accept any further submissions for presentations. We encourage you to attend and celebrate the accepted presenters and to submit for next time!


Deboleena Chowdhuri National education Policy 2020 NEP
Banyan Tree School
Urvashi Brar Teaching Grade 3 students about the Third Gender TeachForIndia
Banajyotsna Mahanta Journey of cognitive skills development in my classroom
SKV Magazine road /Teach for India
Anupriya, Garima Sachdeva, Dhingra Exploring the Frontiers of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Teach For India
Tayyaba Rizwan Paint to Play Teach For India
Robyn Vierra Neuroscience of Creativity
American Embassy School
Serena McMahon Power Of Portfolios
American Embassy School
Gargi Sharma Non- Conventional Learning Spaces
American Embassy Schhol
Sanjana Parth Library Led Initiatives
Shiv Nadar School, Noida
Aiman Salim Ali Inculcating Confidence via Performing Arts Teach for India
Kajal Roy A Study of Delhi’s Free Community Libraries
Free Libraries Network FLN
Sofia Kakar Cyber Learning and access in free libraries
The Community Library Project
Chandni Gupta ASHA- a hope for safer childhood Teach for India
Sharda Ale How to simplify abstract terms in Makerspace
American Embassy School
Simpy Sharma Public Libraries From Our Views : Learnings From TCLP Field Visits
The Community Library Project
Mahima Bhalla I do not have a title yet. It will be on the theme of Inclusive classroom practices or Universal Design for Learning.
American Embassy School
VRINDA LOIWAL Making Thinking Visible – a New Approach to SEL
Kalee Thompson The Secret to a Joyful Life as an Educator
American Embassy School
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