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An overview of how individuals and leaders in schools can co-create learning experiences for students that center on community action

This workshop will provide an overview of how individuals and leaders in schools can co-create learning experiences for students that center on community action for harmony with nature, social cohesion, well-being, and sustainable development.

21st Century Schools recognize that they are inextricably and powerfully connected to a global community and that they need to find ways to bring the world into their schools to deepen the meaning and purpose of the learning in schools but ultimately to build a brighter future.

Inspire Citizens are on the forefront of transforming learning through their Empathy to Impact co-design system and framework. Their mission is to enable educators and learners to work together to shape a more equitable, joyful, and sustainable future

This workshop is a must for anyone that is

A classroom educator that seeks ways to bring greater compassion, ecological thinking, civic literacy, and sustainability into the classroom, while connecting learning outcomes to inner-development, real world challenges, and purposeful action.

A curriculum, sustainability, or service learning coordinator that is trying to help their school’s vision and mission for student agency and global citizenship come to life through highly engaging, student-centered learning experiences.

A technology & innovation coach or librarian who leads or collaborates on projects with teachers that enhance literacies such as data, transmedia, information, futures thinking, and generative listening.

A school counselor who is working to spark mentoring experiences that center on empathy, civil discourse, student leadership, co-creation, and relevance in a complex world.

A future-focused administrator who is exploring proof-of-concept in building a culture of engaged global citizenship as a through-line for any and all school-wide, evolving learning communities.

It is a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in signing up for one of the courses or the full Master Teacher endorsement, as you can apply your course fee towards the signup.

Workshop Sections

HOUR 1 – Futures Thinking for Education – Imaginative exploration and engagement with future trends & foresight on reimagining schools, the teaching profession & transformative learning

HOUR 2 – Metacognitive Tools For Engaged Global Citizenship – Work to connect & co-design teaching and learning experiences with principles of harmony in nature, social justice standards & sustainable development goals

HOUR 3 – Civic Literacies & Inner-Development Goals – Hands-on learning for practicing & demonstrating skills & dispositions for greater harmony, wellbeing, humane technology & local community action.

Benefits of Attending

  • If you decide to attend any of the courses, 75% of the registration fee for this workshop will go toward the registration fee.
  • If you signup for the full “Educator Endorsement,” you will receive a discount equal to 100% of this workshop registration fee.
  • For team tickets, the discount applied to the Inspire Citizens course will equal the workshop registration fee divided by the number attending from the school.
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