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Deep Dives into EY-12 Leadership

For four years 21CL ran the successful Global Education Leadership Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. This event was focused on highlighting new and innovative models for school structures which would serve as inspiration and potentially blueprints for those joining the event. Coming out of the pandemic, we see a need for a different kind of event that is focused on supporting existing and emerging school leaders with all of the different components of what makes a successful school. We believe we should still be reaching for change and transformation but ultimately this change and transformation will come from doing the hard work day to day in the schools we have.

The purpose of this event is to provide a high quality deep dives into various areas of school leadership. Participants will leave the event inspired, with practical skills they can take back to their schools and with ideas about what they want to learn next. 

Conference Topic Areas

The conference is organized into four “strands” which we are calling “lens”. Connected to these are various topics that might be looked at differently through each lens.

Leadership Skills

  • Change Management
  • Facilitate Leadership
  • DEI Mentoring and Growing
  • High Performing Teams
  • Instructional Leadership for Impactful Student Learning
  • Work Smarter Not Hard


  • Trust in Schools
  • Resilient School Communities
  • Managing Burn Out – How to keep strong leaders
  • Coaching Culture

Systems in Schools

  • Culture 
  • Growth and Evaluation
  • Coaching
  • Whole School Wellness
  • Data Based Decision Making
  • DEI
  • Innovative Pedagogy
  • Strategic Planning


  • Authentic School Marketing
  • Finance and Budgeting
  • Learning Spaces
  • DEI


Current and Aspiring Leaders in International Schools Looking to Deepen their leadership skills



  • Pre-conference


  • AM Keynote (45m)
  • Two Deep Dive Workshops (2.5 – 3 hours each)
  • Social


  • Workshop Presentation (1 hour)
  • Panel/s (1 hour)
  • Workshop Presentation (1 hour)
  • Workshop Presentation (1 hour)
  • Closing Keynote


  • Deep dives may repeat across Thursday and Friday
  • Participants could purchase Three day tickets or Friday/Saturday tickets to best suit their schedule
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