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Using technology to help plan engaging field trips, camps & CAS weeks.

Good teachers know that learning does not stop at the classroom door. They use the school grounds, local area, local community, school trips and other opportunities to expand their students’ experience and horizons.

There are a huge range of relevant websites and apps to help with education outside the classroom, but which are worthwhile and how do we deploy them effectively?

Join outdoor education specialist Douglas Kidd to explore the opportunities and possibilities for using apps on mobile devices for trip planning and management, and to get practical, teacher-oriented ideas and suggestions.


Intended Audience

Classroom teachers and school leaders who are planning field trips and other longer excursions.


Workshop Outcomes

  • Make trip planning more efficient & effective and get students involved!
  • Communicate better with parents before, during and after the trip.
  • Engage and excite students with tools they already have in their pockets.
  • Help meet safety and risk management guidelines.


Workshop Schedule

Information Gathering
How to find out about where you’re going, the state of the country, weather patterns, tide times and other useful information for trip planning and teaching.

Management and Communication
Setting tasks for students and assessing their work, communicating with participants, action planning for your trip, managing behaviour.

Travelling Toolkit
Measuring distances, using GPS, Augmented Reality apps.

Recording impressions and information from your trip, record and curate preparatory material and outcomes.


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