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Immerse yourself in a day of intense learning as you play, tinker, design, and invent using modern creative technologies

Workshop 1: GarageBand Cranked Up!

Introduction through Exploration and Creation

Who should attend: Primary — Junior Teachers of Music/Arts and Classroom Teachers

Price: US$175

Date: 5 March 2015

Time: 9am — 4pm

Location: UWCSEA — East Campus, 1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore 528704

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Required Materials: 

Teachers should bring an iPad with the full version of GarageBand for iOS

Workshop Description:

This highly interactive workshop will showcase the power of GarageBand for iOS (iPad), through exploration of its key features (and secrets). Participants will delve into the intuitive and immersive GarageBand renown for simplicity through a variety of activities that can be transferred to teachers classrooms right after the workshop. With colourful multimedia examples and descriptive handouts/.pdf, attendees will engage in a multi-disciplinary journey to discover GarageBand’s inquiry-based classroom potential as a partner in the creation process.

What Will Be Covered:                                                                                      

  • Transforming curriculum goals, performance skills, and promote creativity and innovation (ISTE.NETS, SAMR — Puentedura , Pink, Churches)
  • GarageBand for iOS (iPad) sound creation components overview with multimedia examples
  • Sound mining: truly express yourself — fostering individuality and uniqueness
  • GarageBand for iPad graphics versus traditional notation — everyone can play!
  • Anyone can play like a pro! Expressive Smart Instrument playing techniques
  • Introduction to ‘looping’ concept — creating original loops — repeated patterns — the artistic
  • Remixing — not just for YouTube! (activity)
  • Sharing and collaborating with iCloud and SoundCloud — build global audience awareness
  • Meaningful student assessment strategies (formative/summative) that build critical thinking,
  • Activities that build student interpersonal skills, and aesthetic appreciation in themselves and their peers



Workshop 2: Mobile Technology and the Music Programme  

Who should attend: K — 6 Music/Arts Teachers and Classroom Teachers

Price: US$175

Date: 6 March 2015

Time: 9am — 4pm

Location: UWCSEA — East Campus, 1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore 528704


  • Loop, Play & Remix like a pro by discovering key features (and secrets) of GarageBand
  • Sharing and collaboration with iCloud and SoundCloud
  • Transforming curriculum goals, performance skills, and promote creativity and innovation

Workshop Description:

This workshop is a highly interactive collection of mini sessions that present examples, strategies, and current trends of how mobile and laptop technology can integrate many of the teachers’ target curriculum goals through a variety of specific software and apps.  This equates to creating meaningful and engaging learning opportunities for our students.  Using a specialised planning model, participants will identify their goals, activities — traditional and apps, and relevant technology (including cross-curricular) to create a diverse approach to digital infusion for learning and exploration.  This workshop introduces my top 5 used and recommended mobile music apps and full version apps from various app companies.

What Will be Covered:

  • Planning models that bring together traditional music curriculum planning with the current trends in digital literacy and technologies — resources
  • Highlight new opportunities in classroom planning, presentation (screen manipulation)
  • global audiences and connections, visible learning, dynamic records of learning — resources and samples
  • Strategies in evaluating software and apps to ensure relevance, longevity, cross-curricular links, and ease of sharing/collaborating — activity
  • Highlighting of various apps targeted for specific music curriculum areas — App Smashing, too! — activity and resources
  • Engaging activities using ‘app smashing’, and Arts focus to bring back to your classrooms to try
  • Newest apps to get your students writing traditional and graphic notation on an iPad
  • Review of music apps that allow students to create sounds and textures that will make the most staunch, traditional composer a convert
  • Samples of student soundscapes and compositions
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