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Become a Parkour Certified Educator

The course is designed to introduce physical education teachers, coaches, and sports teachers to the fundamental concepts and training principles of parkour for use in a managed school setting. This course certifies a teacher or coach to incorporate elements of parkour training into a rounded and regular physical education curriculum as part of the Parkour For Schools Programme.

Why Parkour?

Parkour is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool for getting young people of all ages in schools physically and mentally active.

Parkour practice builds all the components of healthy development including strength, mobility, coordination, agility, proprioception and balance in flight, cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and power, while also developing resilience, confidence, problem-solving skills, mental health, community values and self-discipline.

Parkour also provides a way for young people to engage with and learn to manage risk and fear – vital abilities in any young person’s development process.

What you will receive
You Will Learn
What you will receive
  • Two full days of expert instruction
  • Teaching Resource Action Pack
  • Movement Prep Pack
  • Starter Lesson Plans
  • Parkour for Schools Certification
  • Professional Development Certificate from 21CLI (with PD hours)
You Will Learn

The course is built around the principles of Discovery, Challenge and Play to build physical literacy and mental health in young people.

You will learn:

  • How to apply parkour as a concept: Core principles and values. History or parkour and notions of exploration, challenge and adaptation and the methodology of practice.
  • How to transition young people from play-based to adventure-based training: distributed practice to blocked practice.
  • How to warm-up: fun, effective ways to prepare groups of young people with our Movement Prep activities and resource pack.
  • Foundational movement skills of parkour, including:
    Quadrupedal locomotion
    Vaults and passing obstacles
    Jumps and landings
    Climbing, traversing and brachiation
    Mobile balance and precision training
    Teaching points, progressions, adaptations, extensions, support.
  • The importance of building attributes over technique: why qualities of movement – balance, agility, coordination, spatial awareness, fluidity, instinctive movement – are more important than specialized techniques or sport-specific skills for long-term health and physical literacy.
  • Implementing health and safety for parkour training: the importance of exposure to risk for healthy physical and mental development, avoiding unnecessary hazards and training safely.
  • Teaching leadership and supporting skills through parkour: how to enable peer-learning and build communities of young leaders through values-based practice.
  • Combinations and the use of game-based learning: How to utilise the day’s learned movements in combination to create routes of movement which encourage practise of a variety of movement types and techniques. Focus of the concept of fluidity and unbroken movement.
  • How to adapt classes to outdoor spaces: the importance of varying terrain and exploring outdoor spaces for mental health, and how to utilize the Parkour For Schools Portable Equipment.
  • Psychosocial development: how to build resilience, social interaction and community through task-oriented practice.

Dan and Chris were exceptional presenters- both calm and patient in their delivery. The progressions were good and the lesson planning session at the end helped to enforce that we are ready to teach parkour in our PE lessons.
Katie Etchells, Renaissance College Hong Kong

The guys running the workshop were great. Highly organised and structured. The course covered a good combination of theory and practical work and gave a really nice overview of how to implement Parkour into a school PE program. I found the information presented extremely useful and look forward to implementing skills and practices learned.
Byron Kennedy, Beijing World Youth Academy

I was extremely impressed with the skill level, knowledge, ability to answer questions and excellence of the presenter and the scaffolding and progression of the workshop. Awesome, thank you.
Cherise Edwards Little Dalton Kindergarten, Hong Kong


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