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Become a Parkour Certified Educator

The course is designed to introduce physical education teachers, coaches, and sports teachers to the fundamental concepts and training principles of parkour for use in a managed school setting. This course certifies a teacher or coach to incorporate elements of parkour training into a rounded and regular physical education curriculum as part of the Parkour For Schools Programme.

Why Parkour?

Parkour is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool for getting young people of all ages in schools physically and mentally active.

Parkour practice builds all the components of healthy development including strength, mobility, coordination, agility, proprioception and balance in flight, cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and power, while also developing resilience, confidence, problem-solving skills, mental health, community values and self-discipline.

Parkour also provides a way for young people to engage with and learn to manage risk and fear – vital abilities in any young person’s development process.

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