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PHASE is a conference and community for all educators focussed on physical education, health, athletics, sports, and experiential learning. The conference allows participants to learn from leading authorities in their respective fields as well as from practitioner presenters, to network with fellow educators, and to access good practice and resources in multiple formats.

Sessions are free to anyone who catches them live and paid if you want to access the recordings (more than 60 available)

Themes at PHASE Online:

  • Pedagogy & Curriculum – Practical and theoretical approaches to PhysEd
  • Leadership – Leading next generation physical education and Athletics programs
  • Specialist Content Areas – Exploring emerging areas of interest in PE
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice- Working together towards justice in education and the world
  • Wellness – Going beyond physicalities in sport
  • Sports & Coaching – A closer look at athletic management and coaching
  • Technology – Leveraging apps & devices for development, performance, fitness
  • Experiential Learning – Engaging students safely in real world experiences

If you would like to sign up as a presenter at PHASE Online, please submit your idea

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