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Forum for candidates and schools to navigate the evolving world of international school recruitment


Explore the evolving world of international school recruitment and position yourself for success 


The 2.5 Hour Online Symposium on the Recruitment for International Schools is a unique opportunity for applicants, schools, and recruitment experts to come together and discuss the current state of play. With a focus on best positioning applicants for success and helping schools respond, the symposium will delve into the latest trends and practices in international school teaching recruitment.

The goal of the symposium is to provide a collaborative and informative space for everyone involved in international school teaching recruitment, from applicants looking to start their careers to schools looking to hire the best talent.

Over 2.5 hours, participants will learn about the latest techniques and strategies for job-hunting, including how to create an effective resume and cover letter, network with schools, and prepare for interviews. They will also learn about the latest trends in recruitment, including how schools are responding to the changing landscape of international education and what they are looking for in applicants.

In addition to learning about the latest trends in recruitment, participants will also have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions with leading recruitment experts, schools, and other applicants. 

Whether you’re an aspiring international teacher, a current international educator, or a school administrator, the 2.5 Hour Online Symposium on the Evolving State of Recruitment for International School Teaching Jobs is an excellent opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and stay informed about the latest developments in this fast-paced and ever-changing field.

Symposium Highlights

  • Hear from head of school about what they are looking for in candidates
  • Connect with a variety of recruitment companies

Sessions in 2023 included:

  • “So, you want to be a leader?” – practical things to consider before making the move into leadership
  • Current Situation in China.
  • CVs for International Schools
  • Maximizing your career opportunities in the interview process
  • One Profile, Two Powers: Laser-Focused Recruiting and Personalized Professional Growth
  • Crafting your international school application
  • Interview Lab

Who Should Attend and Why?

  • Any international educator
  • International School HR 
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