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Take a systemic approach health and wellbeing at your school

As international schools find themselves in an era of uncertainty and change, concerns around health and wellbeing are on the rise. Without systems in place, however, initiatives risk losing momentum when there is turnover among faculty and staff. During this session, we’ll be discussing the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model- a free tool that helps schools identify resources and initiatives that are working, look for gaps and areas for growth,  and align so that everyone in the community is speaking the same language and working towards the same common goals.

We encourage teams to attend this workshop. 

Content areas covered will include:

  • Current Health Issues in International Schools
  • Identifying gaps and looking for alignment in health and wellness education
  • Whole School, Whole Community Tool to Audit Current Policy and Practice
  • Food/nutrition policies
  • Employee Wellness
  • Community Involvement & Engagement
  • Counseling, Phycological and Support Services
  • Social/Emotional Environment
  • Taking the work that might be working in Silos and bringing it together.

Who Should Attend

  • Educators who are passionate about Health & Wellbeing
  • School Leaders
  • HPE Teachers 
  • Counselors
  • Administrators  
  • Curriculum leads
  • Instructional Coaches

Recommended Hotel

Cassia Phuket

We have a limited number of rooms at special rates at the hip Cassia Hotel. This is the official hotel that all speakers and organizers will be staying at. There will be daily bus service from the hotel to the conference venue and back again which will be exclusive for those in the official hotel. The hotel is a great family vacation location so if the timing makes sense feel free to bring your family, there are even two bedroom suites. To book the official hotel please do so on the registration site. You can add hotels to your cart at the same time you do your registration.

One Bedroom Suite115
Two Bedroom Apartment210

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