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21st Century Schools recognize that learning space design must support the realization of their vision and mission

In order to maximize student learning and deliver on our schools’ missions and visions, it is essential that our learning environment supports our vision for effective teaching and learning. However, many of our schools currently have learning spaces that encourage the out-dated, traditional pedagogical practices that were employed when these buildings were designed. In this workshop, we will explore a number of different design features and approaches that schools can use to transform their learning spaces in order to better align their physical space with their school’s beliefs around teaching and learning. We will also explore how you can engage with your community throughout this process and share practical tips for gathering and using evidence to inform your journey towards enhancing student learning.


  • Use tools to explore the connection between your stated school aspirations, personal beliefs, and what learning currently looks like in your school
  • Reflect on how the physical design of learning spaces can support the type of learning to which you aspire
  • Explore a variety of flexible design approaches that enhance student learning, from low-resolution options to full-scale renovations
  • Consider how to meaningfully engage stakeholders when driving this change
  • Learn how to gather evidence on the efficacy of your learning spaces

Who Might Attend this Workshop?

  • School Administrators and Leaders 
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Facilities Managers and Teams
  • Finance Executives
  • Communications Directors
  • Aspiring Building Level Leaders
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