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Explore ways in which schools intentionally design and integrate holistic wellness


21st Century Schools recognize they need to have a comprehensive approach to wellness that supports the physical, mental, emotional and social health of all students and educators. 


The “Wellness in Education Symposium” is an engaging 2.5-hour online event designed for educators, administrators, and other stakeholders committed to integrating wellness into the fabric of educational environments. The symposium will address the multi-dimensional aspects of wellness, including emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and mental health, within educational settings. 

Participants will be able to gain insights from a thought-provoking keynote address, interact with peers in targeted breakout case study sessions, and hear diverse perspectives during a comprehensive panel discussion. This symposium aims to empower participants with the knowledge, strategies, and actionable steps to foster a culture of wellness that can support the needs of students and staff alike.

Learning Outcomes

  • Culturally responsive approach to wellness- keeping in mind the context of the host country, etc.
  • Using global, local and school-based health risk behavior data to inform planning and curriculum
  • Importance of parent education in the international school setting
  • Using strategic planning and accreditation visits to put a schoolwide focus on wellness
  • Explain the critical importance of incorporating wellness into educational strategies and policies.
  • Importance of social-emotional learning (SEL) in promoting wellness
  • Identify key components of a successful wellness program
  • How do we design education to promote wellness rather than have wellness be yet one more initiative?
  • Analyze and discuss real-world case studies to understand the challenges and successes of implementing wellness initiatives in various educational contexts.
  • Frameworks that can be beneficial in taking a holistic approach to wellness
  • Articulate the benefits and potential outcomes of prioritizing wellness for students, teachers, and staff.
  • Engage with experts and peers to share best practices and collaborative approaches to common wellness challenges in education.
  • Reflect on the role of leadership in promoting and sustaining a culture of wellness within educational environments.
  • Develop a network of contacts for ongoing support and collaboration in the realm of educational wellness post-symposium.
  • Recognize the intersectionality of wellness with issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity in educational settings.

Intended Audience

  • K-12 Educators
  • School Administrators
  • Wellness Coordinators

We encourage teams to attend the workshop to learn from the multiple perspectives presented. This will support schools and their teams in subsequent internal engagements, including discussion, design, and undertaking team reflections.

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