Four Reasons To Attend a TeachMeet (Not Including The Free Beer)

The first Teachmeet I ever attended was last March. What I found there was group of outstanding, motivated educators and professionals. They took time out of their busy schedules to listen to people present, share their knowledge and/or meet some new friends.

Workplace with notebook, office supplies and wooden desk.
Workplace with notebook, office supplies and wooden desk.

The free beer had nothing to do with the large turnout.

You may be familiar with the TeachMeets that happen around Asia. Perhaps you considered attending one in the past, but needed some additional motivation.  Let me help you there.

As a matter of fact, I will go beyond that and offer you four reasons to attend a Teachmeet.

Reason 1

Emotional support when you share a teaching technique or learning with your colleagues.The audiences at TeachMeets are other educators just like you who will shower you with praise after you stand up in front of a crowd and put yourself out there. From Minecraft in the elementary classrooms by Jeff Dungan to the power of Big Paper by Mike Burns in the history classroom, we heard a variety of interesting presentations.

Reason 2

Get a recording if your presentation using our Nifty Swivel. The Swivl base is designed to turn as you pace (sometimes because of nerves) back and forth. Better yet, listen to an interview I did with Brian Lamb, the Swivl Co-Founder.

Reason 3

Meet like-minded, passionate and interesting educators. Teachmeets are all about learning from each other. Just by attending, you have an excuse to go up to people and introduce yourself without looking awkward. I had great conversations with Rasul Masjid about gamification in the business world. I thought only educators were using it to teach, but the business world is as well to help with training. That conversation left me thinking about the impact gamification will have on all types of learning in and out of the classroom.

Reason 4

Get feedback on something you ‘ve done or want to do: TeachMeets are a great way to workshop ideas and connect with others that may have “been there, done that”

A bonus 5th reason!

Extra free drinks “ Someone has to take up the tough job of getting through the free drinks we ‘ve sponsored. While this was my first Teachmeet, I did notice a pattern. Attendees who hung around toward the end were offered extra drink coupons.

As always, thanks to the presenters below for helping to get the night started and for sharing their personal learnings with their colleagues.

Presenter Presentation
Michael Boll Using Swivl for presentations
Erika Levesque Interdisciplinary PBL
Mark Johnson History Day: Empowering Students As Historians
Mike Burns Big Paper Activity
Eileen Bach Utilizing Online Museum Collections
Simon Power Sense your city Environment Data Visualization from
Jeff Dungan MinecraftEDU in ES Science

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