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Partnered with 21CLI

21CLI has partnered with Inspire Citizens to offer their Master Teacher Endorsement.  The program is a year-long, interactive and blended program involving Co-creation, group feedback, 1-on-1 coaching, and and a diverse global learning community set the foundation to a fantastic year of personal and professional growth.

Learn the why, what and how of the art of teaching and designing transformative learning experiences for futures thinking, inspired global citizenship, and sustainable development in a complex world and education landscape.This innovative program blends well with our ambitions offer highly personalized professional development that builds communities of learners. In this case a community focused on development of student centerned learning aligned with community’s focused on global citizenship.

Who Are Inspire Citizens?

Inspire Citizens are international leaders in supporting the development of transformative school cultures, designing student-centered learning experiences, and meeting community-wide goals as future-focused global citizens.

We aim to equip professional and student learning communities towards flourishing as agents of positive change in a complex and ambiguous world.

Invitation & Introduction

The Art of Teaching For Inspired Global Citizenship: pedagogies, tools and strategies for: Transformational Learning Goals, Future-Focused Literacies, Sustainable Development, Equity, Harmony with Nature, Humane Technology, and Global Competence.

Engage in asynchronous course content, share your thinking with peers in a mid-week forum, complete engaging tasks and activities throughout the week, and discuss your learning in an optional Socratic Seminar at the end of the week for a total of 2-5 hours per week. 

Four Courses & Practicum

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$1750USD per person

Just $350 per course and practicum! Incredible value for a year long PD experience.

Registration fee includes free access to 21CLHK Online 

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