21CLI ISTE Certified Educator Online Course Participant Policy

General Information

The purpose of this policy is to ensure adequate time is allowed for completion of the online modules which are a required component of the ISTE Certified Educator training.

This policy recognizes the unique and complex environment we are working in which covers multiple countries, different school systems, varied holiday calendars and school schedules.

It is often the case that even within term time, teachers may be required to accompany school trips to regions where there is little or no broadband coverage.

The above has been taken into consideration when setting realistic expectations for the time allowed to complete the online components of the certification.

Start Date for Online Course Work

The online course will commence one week after completion of the face-to-face component. In exceptional circumstances, the start date of the course may be varied and this will be published when the course is advertised. An example of this might be when a course is scheduled to commence prior to a major holiday.

Time Allowed for the Online Course

The time allowed for undertaking the online course modules is five weeks, with the clock starting one week after the conclusion of the face to face workshop (unless otherwise stated). During this time, the trainee is expected to choose and complete 2 units from a choice of 4 units. Everyone then completes the mandatory unit 5.

If a participant is unable to complete the online modules by the end of the allocated course time then the student will be considered to have failed to complete the course. Submission of assignments is not permitted after the end of this period and participants will not be able to proceed to the portfolio submission.


  • Participants are free to engage with content beyond the two modules they are required to complete but will only receive feedback from facilitators on assignments completed for the three “official” modules selected
  • The role of course facilitator is to provide feedback on assignments. Instructors may offer comment or feedback in discussions from time to time but participants should not expect replies for each post from course facilitator/s


The portfolio submission area will open once you have completed all the work for the course and after week 5.

Participants have 6 months to complete and submit the portfolio.

If the portfolio is not submitted within the time frame then the student will be deemed to have not completed the certification.