Isabel Perez

I am an educator whose personal and academic experiences became precursors to my career goals related to alternative pedagogies designed to improve 21st-century education.

Born in Uruguay and raised in Venezuela, I accepted an offer from the University of Tennessee to become a student-athlete. Parallel to earning my computer science degree, I played for the varsity tennis team and pursued additional minors in philosophy and mathematics.

After studying and working in the technology field in North America for a decade, I started my teaching career in challenging countries with diverse cultures and educational systems, including Uruguay, England, Jamaica, and Malaysia. During those stages, I’ve continued to develop flexible teaching methods to serve distinct student profiles, including the design of K-12 curricula with individualized learning paths and unique, adaptable sequences to serve the evolving needs of third culture kids, students with special needs, those variable learning curves in inclusive classrooms, and mobile populations where orientation must be prompt and thorough. As a technologist, I love to explore methods where computer applications allow advanced students to feel progressively challenged at all times while those requiring additional time or assistance receive the help they need… all in the same classroom! As a consummate team player, I’ve applied my proficiency with the latest academic technology trends to provide faculty training, coaching, team teaching, blended learning programs, and numerous project-based opportunities.

I am currently working in greater Kuala Lumpur teaching software design and development as well as information technology utilizing the New South Wales Australian curriculum and implementing Visible Learning pedagogies that dovetail seamlessly with the ISTE standards, thereby creating an engaging environment where students are free to innovate and create projects with detailed feedback and clear objectives that guide students as they learn to own their learning.

Although my background is educational technology, I believe my strongest skills are human, be they the careful nurturing of young students or those with special needs. I prefer to lead fun and flexible classes where students and teachers recognize diverse opportunities for learning and are prepared to apply what they’ve absorbed to practical, real-life situations in and beyond the classroom. I view every problem as a challenge and treat the concerns of others with the respect and urgency they deserve.

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