Glenn Shares the Power of Sustainability, Experiential Learning and Life at the Bali Green School

The combination of the words Green and Bali may conjure up the idea of beauty that we have come to expect when we think about or visit glenn-head-shotBali, Indonesia. The popular Bali Green School combines the beauty of Bali, a focus on sustainability and modern learning practices to create a unique student experience.
I talk today with Glenn Chickering, a founding faculty and head of upper school at the Green School. We enjoy a variety of topics including the power of experiential learning, giving students freedom to pursue passions and how having a positive impact on the local community brings learning to life.   
Glenn uses the term “messy learning” to explain their pedagogy and you will enjoy understanding what that means.
Glenn is representing the Green School at the upcoming Global Education Leadership Summit in April 2017. For more information about the summit, head to


As a founding faculty member of the Green School, Bali combined with experience in a variety of educational organizations, Glenn gained perspectives on the needs of the student, teacher, and parent from many different vantage points. This helped him to better understand the interconnections of all stakeholders and how best to steer relationships to foster a sustainable organization.

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