Louise Favaro Shows Us a Contemporary Framework for Building Resilience in Our Students and Our Schools

“Young man, you made a big mistake. You should have known better.  You behavior is not acceptable.  I shall nowLouiseFavaro assign this punishment for your behavior because actions have consequences and you need to learn that!”
Maybe you have been on the receiving end or giving end of a conversation like that? I know I have.  My guest today has a new model that departs from the traditional model for dealing with inappropriate student behaviors.
Louise Favaro shares her three part strategy and framework for confronting incidents and behaviors in our schools. It involves counseling, having a student confront their own actions and the story of a boy who was filmed on the bus. 

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Louise Favaro is the Head of Student Services at Chatsworth International School in Singapore and has worked in education for 25 years. In addition to her experience as an IB Diploma Teacher, a Counselor, and an Administrator, Louise is a practitioner of Mindfulness Based Systemic Constellations to help people deal with interpersonal dynamics in families and organizations.

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