Paul Wood Gives Us The Inside Scoop On The Hiring Process In International Schools

Teaching in an international school is one of the best decisions my wife and I ever made. Many of you out there are Version 4already international teachers, but if you are not, I, we, encourage you to take a look.
But, as you know, just looking for a teaching position, internationally or in your home country, is the easy part. Landing a job interview and then having success during that interview is truly the hard part. However, thanks to Paul Wood, my guest today, understanding the interview process will get a whole lot easier.
Paul gives us all the inside track/scoop on what hiring managers look for during job interviews.  His detailed and honest responses are both very interesting and very helpful.
Paul has also written a blog post about the process and frequently gives presentations as well.  You might see him at an upcoming EARCOS conference at some point in the future.

“ An open and honest interview is the best way to find a match for you and your school”

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Paul Wood is Executive Principal at YK Pao School’s secondary campus in Shanghai.  Originally from the UK, Paul is now also a Canadian citizen and this is his ninth year in China, 14th year in Asia, and a 22nd year overseas.  He previously worked at schools in Yokohama, Ottawa, Dar es Salaam, Guangzhou and Beijing.  He has been trying to recruit the best educators for nine years and his MA dissertation (U of Bath) was focused on international school teacher recruitment and retention.   

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