Ringo Dingrando Talks Robots and Building Robotics Programs At Your School

Hands on learning is seeing a resurgence in recently. After lying dormant for many years, we see its return in the Ringoform of the Maker Movement and, as we will discuss today, robotics. 
While I can’t explain the exact reason for the return to this type of education, I do have my suspicions. Today’s work is really an early manifestation of mechanical and electrical engineering at work. Oh, and you can toss in some computer science as well thanks to the programming elements.
Ringo Dingrando is a believer in the return of the hands on movement and he built International School Manila’s High School Robotics program. Starting with a club, Ringo built the program into a High School set of courses while promoting the coolness of being a robotics student along the way.

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Ringo was predominantly a physics teacher until he started a robotics club at ISManila. He is enamored with robotics, making, and creativity as essential tools for education at all age levels.

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