Rob Newberry Discusses The Impact of Pornography On Our Students

It’s not everyday that I bring up the topic of pornography on this show. It might be safe to say I have never discussed Rob-Newberrythe topic on a radio program such as this one or planned to discuss it.  
As you can imagine, it is a sensitive topic.
So when my guest today, Rob Newberry, mentioned he developed a pornography framework to be presented through his international school in Singapore, I was a little resistant to talking about it on air.  However, because I know and respect Rob so much, I was confident this conversation would go well.
And indeed it did go well. Rob, with his usual direct and truthful manner, discusses the impact of pornography on our students today. This includes the physical addictions that can develop as a result of the near ubiquitous access our students have thanks to their ever present, internet connected devices.
Rob will present this framework in a presentation at the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong this February.
Rob shares a great TEDx talk by a guy named Gary Wilson.  His talk, titled “The Great Porn Experiment” is found here.

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Rob Newberry is the Director of Education Technology at Chatsworth International School in Singapore. He is primarily working with teachers and students on finding meaningful uses of technology in the classroom and he is also interested in the application of school policy.

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