Student Jamila Tressel Shares Her Thoughts on Independent Learning and Student Agency


What if the goal of a school was “to learn to” learn, live act and be?  And it looked like a place where students worked on whatever topic there were interested in for the day, had the freedom to choose when to take tests, actively participated in regular trips and might be expected to travel the world speaking about the school.
The Evangelical School Berlin Centre is that school. Today I talk with Jamila Tressel a senior student at the school all about her experiences and why she believes the way she is learning is best way for all our students.


Jamila Tressel is a student at the ESBZ School in Germany and a young author, speaker, trainer coach and change maker, empowering young people to unfold their potential and make a change. After many negative experiences in the traditional school system the student is campaigning for a drastic change of the education system since she was 12 years old, speaking at national and international conferences and leading trainings for students, teachers and managers, often in collaboration with “Schule im Aufbruch” (Schools in Transformation)

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