Summer 2016 Is Here!

It is here!  Well not quite yet, but nearly here. If you are not sure what I am referring to, then take a look at your calendar and see that summer vacation, at least for those of us north of the equator, is just about here.

For most of us, we start to think about maybe taking a trip, seeing family, stopping by our favorite pub, or just sleeping. In addition, many of us may start to think about a smattering of professional development opportunities as well.  Check out our summer courses sale for help with that.

The gang here at 21st Century Learning can help you out. Our courses platform will still be going strong and often this is when we see the most signups. Personally I will be busy reading a lot of reflections from students and also developing some new courses for the platform.

21clRadio will march on this summer with tons of great interviews and reviews of edtech tools. I am very excited to announce that we will be at ISTE this summer in Denver broadcasting shows. Take a look for us and come say hi. Maybe bring your “radio voice” for a quick chat and recording of what you have enjoyed about ISTE.

Have a great summer and enjoy the downtime, uptime, friend time, exercise time, eating time or whatever it is that you do during a break.




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