Take Me To Your Leader

There have always been innovative schools out there, but those have tended to be “the few” rather than “the many”.

But things are changing, and changing fast, as schools and their stakeholders realise that the status quo of traditional education is no longer an acceptable situation and that education simply has to change. There are now many more examples of schools shifting their practices around educational delivery. We have seen it take place at our own events where we talk to educators like you. In some cases it is changes in one or two areas, and for others, it is a complete reimagining of what learning and teaching should look like in the 21st Century.

The Point Has Tipped

With the tipping point now in our favor, we felt the time was right to bring school leaders, and aspiring leaders, together to discuss and explore innovation across schools. I’d like to take a moment to update you about a new event we are hosting in Bangkok in Spring 2017 called The Global edLeadership Summit.

One of the reasons I joined 21C was to support the mission of Building Communities of Learners. In this instance, I am talking about building a community of leaders focused on bringing the shifts to education that we all know must take place. To facilitate this, we are bringing together schools who are already practicing these shifts in education. Organizations like High Tech High in California, The Bali Green School, Singapore American School, The Hawken School’s Social Entrepreneurial program, and many more, These schools will share their innovation journeys with you in workshop sessions, and there will be ample time for panel sessions, networking and one to one discussion.

Stanford d. School

As if I was not excited enough about meeting leaders from these schools, and all the other exciting schools who will attend, we also have Dr. Susie Wise, the Director of the Stanford d.school, as our keynote speaker and pre conference workshop leader. As you probably know, d.school has been central to the ongoing prolification of design thinking as a methodology for innovation in schools. We are lucky to have a leader in the field of educational innovation.

Take Me To Your Leader

If you feel like I do, and are excited about the changes coming our way, then please consider attending this event! You may already be a school leader, or an aspiring leader, your school may be stuck in the past or leading from the front, but, regardless, you share a common desire to be a part of a passionate group discussing powerful changes in education.

We know genuine transformation occurs when you have energy from the bottom-up, and clued in leadership at the top so if your school leadership team is not aware of this conference, then please let them know about it.

This is our time to initiate change. Let’s make this happen together!


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