Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Undertake The ISTE Certification

  1. ISTE – the Gold Standard for Educational Technology:  ISTE is the preeminent organization in the world for Education Technology and the ISTE Standards are widely adopted across all areas of education
  2. Really knowing the standards:  Undertaking the certification will give you an in depth understanding of the standards and their indicators assisting you in curriculum design and deployment.
  3. Building your professional network: The certification provides an amazing opportunity to network with motivated educators from around the world.
  4. Relevance: During the portfolio phase you will be transforming your practice through working on lesson plans, or other activities, that are aligned with the ISTE standards.
  5. Learning new instructional techniques: Our expert trainers make the training engaging and by using carefully selected protocols which you can subsequently use in your own practice.
  6. Career Changing: Whether you are a teacher looking for a coaching position, or a coach looking for a leadership position, you can demonstrate your commitment to education by enrolling in this rigorous certification program.
  7. Earning Graduate Credits: You can earn up to 2 graduate credits via ISTE’s partner; Dominican University of California.
  8. Curriculum Independent: The ISTE standards are curriculum independent and can be integrated with IB/American/UK or any other curriculum model.
  9. Framework for Digital Learning: The certification is not about learning new tools but rather about providing a framework for digital learning in your classroom or school.
  10. Experienced Trainers: Our expert trainers will be using carefully selected effective protocols which you can subsequently use in your own practice.

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