407 Learning Joins Forces with 21C Learning

Hong Kong — 21C Learning (21CL), a leading professional learning organization based in Hong Kong, is thrilled to announce the exciting news that 407 Learning has joined its team. This strategic collaboration will not only enhance the scope and quality of professional development services but also ignite a new era of innovation and growth for schools and educators worldwide.

407 Learning is renowned for its innovative professional learning workshops and customized professional development (PD). It is the only organization in the Southeast Asia region to be designated as an Apple Professional Learning Provider, allowing it to offer programs and training unique to Apple Professional Learning. 

407 Learning will now operate under the 21CL umbrella. This collaboration will enable 407 Learning to leverage 21CL’s network and resources, further expanding its reach and impact in the educational sector.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome 407 Learning to the 21CL family,” said Justin Hardman, CEO of 21CL. “This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to build communities of learners and provide more professional development opportunities. By joining forces, we can offer even more comprehensive and tailored services to our schools and their educators.”

Benjamin Sheridan, Co-Founder of 407 Learning, will join 21CL as the Director of Professional Learning. Benjamin brings a wealth of experience and a passion for fostering innovative educational practices.

“The union of 407 Learning and 21CL is a significant milestone, underpinned by our shared vision of transforming education through professional growth and collaboration,” said Benjamin Sheridan. “As part of 21CL, we are now better positioned to reach more educators and make a greater impact on the learning experiences of students worldwide.”

This collaboration represents a commitment to enhancing educational outcomes by providing high-quality professional development and fostering a global community of educators. We help schools navigate the evolving landscape of 21st-century education, and this new partnership only strengthens us in this pursuit.

For more information about 21CL and 407 Learning and their expanded services please contact Justin at jahardman@21c-learning.com.

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