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ISTE Certification for Educators

The ISTE Certification for Educators is a rigorous professional certification aimed at ambitious educators, coaches, and school leaders, who are ready to step up to the challenge of taking their professional practice around the use of education technology to the next level.

21st Century Learning has been selected by ISTE to be an authorized provider of the ISTE Certification for Educators because of our commitment to high quality edtech professional learning and for using the ISTE Standards as a guide for transforming teaching and learning. Learn more.


USD$1100 (for 3 or more)
​USD$1050 (for 5 or more)

Excluding 4% registration fee

Reference Times 

Amsterdam: 08:00
Sydney: 18:00
Hong Kong: 15:00
Dubai: 11:00
London: 07:00
Rio de Janeiro: 04:00
New York: 03:00
San Francisco: 00:00
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Key Details
Time Zone
Time of Zoom Sessions
Key Course Dates

Phase 1: Blended Online Class
Approximately 1-2 hours of pre work required before week 1 and 2-3 hours between online sessions
Zoom Session 1
23 January 2021
Zoom Session 2
30 January 2021
Zoom Session 3
6 February 2021
Zoom Session 4
27 February 2021
Zoom Session 5
6 March 2021


7 March 2021 - 15 March 2021

Phase 2: Online Course
Approximately 5-6 hours of work per week

Start of 5 Week Asynchronous Online Course 16 March 2021
Online Course Break
29 March 2021 - 11 April 2021
Online Course Concludes
2 May 2021

Phase 3: Portfolio Curation
Estimated at 20 hours of work
Portfolio Due Date 2 December 2021

Please note that assignment deadlines and timely participation are taken seriously in this course and are governed by the 21CLI ISTE Certification Course Policy.

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