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There is a lot more to design than simply "making things look good."

Our choice of design can have an enormous impact on how people receive our message. Whether you are creating school communications, classroom materials, or faculty presentations, the design choices you make can either strengthen or undermine your message. With this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of the essential design principles to maximize your communications, as well as practical tips and tools for implementing them.

21st Century Schools and educators recognize that everyone is a designer. This workshop will

  • Help you understand basic design principles
  • Understand the simple things you can do to make my documents, emails, etc look better to support effective communications
  • Learn the tools needed for non-designers to design like a pro

Who Might Attend this Workshop?

  • Teachers who are designing resources/learning materials for students
  • Leaders who want their next presentation to have an impact
  • Admin staff who want their next communication to wow and impress
  • Communications/marketing staff who need to reach parents/prospective parents across a variety of different social media platforms.
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