ISTE 2016: 16,000 Teachers & 21CLI

Founder & Director Justin Hardman, and Director of Learning & Professional Development Michael Boll, were joined by 21CLRadio contributors Chris Carter and Dennis Grice at ISTE 2016 in Denver from 26 – 29 June.

We spend a lot of our time organizing conferences, so it was a real treat to attend one instead, and in particular ISTE – the grandest of them all! With over 16,000 attendees from 80+ countries, this is the event to be at to connect with the who’s who of EdTech.

21CLI is proud of our partnership with ISTE and you’ll see some new announcements in the coming weeks and months about how international educators can get involved and connected.

A big thank you to Brian Lewis (CEO, ISTE) and Tony Brandenburg (International Consultant, ISTE) for their support and connections.

mobyMike and Justin hanging with BrainPop’s Moby

20160626_112642A 21CLI Radio interview in progress

We have collected a selection of the podcasts we conducted “live” during the event. Check them out below:  

Think Global School Takes Education On The Road. Like Around The World

Kathy Shares Her Insights On Awesome Trends in EdTech

Kerry’s ideas nudge us to a new and compelling way of learning

Click here to listen to all the podcasts we recorded live from ISTE 2016!

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