Other Hundred Educators – A Global Photo Book

The Other Hundred is a unique series of not-for-profit photo-books, produced by the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT), which aims to provide an interesting counterpoint to the mainstream media consensus about some of today’s most important issues.

The Project Team are currently accepting submissions for the third book in the series, The Other Hundred Educators, which aims to document unique “educators” from around the world; people who are making a difference in some way by sharing knowledge or by educating others. In all likelihood you would never hear about these people through the normal press channels or in any list of top educators.

Some of these people may work in classrooms, both regular and alternative. Some may have no formal qualifications but use teaching to change lives. Some have passed on knowledge from generation to generation. Some have taught through example not words.

Writing a short story is part of the submission process but excellent photography is equally important for The Other Hundred Educators and with no barriers to entry, it may be yourself, student photographers in your school, a colleague, or someone else you know who takes the picture that supports the story.

The first two editions of The Other Hundred have been featured in over 150 media outlets, including CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, The Guardian, Forbes, and NHK. Photographs from the winning 200 stories have been exhibited all over the world including Hong Kong, Dubai, Paris, Berlin, and Beijing. Click here to see the 200 stories from the first and second edition.

21st Century Learning believes this is a really interesting and valuable initiative and we are delighted to provide our support and assistance to the Project Team in promoting The Other Hundred Educators project. You can find out more information about this project and how to enter at the Other Hundred website.


We would encourage you to spread word about this worthwhile project in your own schools and in the wider community.

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