Anna Sever Brings Change and Innovation to Teaching Practices at a Large, Historical School in Australia


The future of work and the realities that it entails are still unknowns to many of us.  Multiple job and career changes are likely on the horizon for our students and teaching them to be life long, adaptable learners today will help them in the future.
Today I speak with Anna Server, Deputy Principal of Haleybury Middle school in Australia.  We discuss various models for the future of education along with how to evaluate and adapt those models as the times change and our understanding of education evolves.


Anna Sever completed a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, before undertaking her Graduate Diploma of Education. Anna has also completed her Masters of Education Management through the University of Melbourne and is currently completing her MBA at Melbourne Business School.
Since moving into the role of Deputy Principal (Teaching and Learning), Anna leads strategic and research based approach to reviewing the Middle School Program with a strong emphasis on innovation and the future of work.


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