Innovation Leader Kiffany Lychock Discusses the Wide Scale Learning Style Changes at Her Large School District in the United States


We all know change is tough. It is tough at an individual level and even more so at an organizational level. I always enjoy talking with leaders focused on change and learning their strategies, successes and difficulties.  

Today I speak with Kiffany Lychock from the Boulder Valley School District of Colorado in the United States about the changes she fostered in her district. After the passing of a bond measure that created funding, the district moved forward with implementing change in how buildings are designed and the practice of teaching is transformed. Kiffany shares her story and ideas for making this sort of change happen at scale.


Kiffany Lychock is the Director of Educational Innovations for BVSD, National Faculty for @BIEpbl, Co-Owner of DLI LLC, and is a passionate advocate of learning.


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