Anne Tham Brings Game Based Learning To Reality With ChemCaper

The research around game-based learning is very supportive of its ability to attract student attention, improving Annes-Headshotconcept retention and bringing a positive feel to the act of teaching and learning.     
Anne Tham, my guest today, has taken a big jump into the game based learning world with ChemCaper, the “world’s first chemistry role-playing game.”
We discuss the benefits of game-based learning, how her app harnesses those benefits and what is like to build an app of this scale.

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Anne Tham is the CEO and Founder of ACE EdVenture Studio. With over 20 years of experience in education, 2 international schools (Sri Emas International School and Dwi Emas International School), and multiple learning centers under her belt, she and her team are on a movement to reinvent education.

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