Craig Kemp Connects Educators Via TwitterChat

Why are people in Europe staying up until 01:00 in the morning just to hangout on Twitter and do a Twitter chat?   There must be some reason right?  Once you get to know Craig Kemp a little bit better, you will understand why.  Craig, along with Laura Hill, co-founded the #Whatisschool weekly Twitter chat.
With up to 200 participants worldwide in each session, the #Whatisschool Twitter chat is a means for educators to debate and discuss our reason for existence.  Ok, maybe not that heavy, but Craig and the community do dive into a variety of issues including diversity, gamification, student-centered learning and a bunch more. Check out the archive of past shows.
We cover what a Twitter chat is all about and the reasons behind why Craig takes on this effort. I think you will find Craig an interesting person to listen to and quickly appreciate his generous appetite for sharing what he knows and how he connects people together.
Craig is a featured presenter at the 8th Annual 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong. He will be addressing how educators can get effectively connected on social networking making Twitter; an essential piece of their PD toolkit.

Craig’s Bio

Craig Kemp is a Kiwi living in Singapore. He is Head of Year & Head of ICT & Learning Innovation. He is a Leader, Speaker,#whatisschool co-creator,#asiaED co-creator and was voted 2014 Best Educational Tweeter by EduBlogs.

Interact with Craig

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@mrkempnz, @21cli”]”If I can inspire one person, I have succeeded.” Craig Kemp [/tweetthis]


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