Dr. Bernard Bull, a Passionate Advocate for Self Directed Learning

bernardbull2Imagine one day you walk into a classroom and find 20-30 students each working on something different and unique. Maybe they are, at times, working in groups, but it appears they are all learning something unique.
Are you witnessing anarchy or a hostile takeover of the classroom?  Or are you seeing self-directed and self-blended learning in action?
Dr. Bernard Bull views it as the latter; a learning environment where students’ engage their particular passions and leverage the connected network of resources we seem to have at our fingertips today.
In our discussion, Dr. Bull helped me understand what self-directed and self-blended learning really means for students, teachers and parents.  What its impact is on school communities and how essential this learning model is for our future, both student and adult.
Dr. Bull will be a keynote speaker at the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong this coming February.


Bernard Bull is Assistant VP of Academics and Associate Professor of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin. His work, writing and consulting largely focuses on self-directed learning, futures in education, and the intersection of education and digital culture.

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