Victor Boulanger Integrates Design and Technology On A New Campus

IMG_5367-3“Victor, we are building a new school and I want you to integrate good design with technology.”
Victor Boulanger , the the director of Learning Design at Kaohsiung American School in Taiwan heard those words (or something like that) from his school director upon arriving in Taiwan for his new job.  While most people might turn and run, Victor charged directly into the project and created space(s) where the power of technology meets the strengths of good design.
[tweetthis]”The flexible spaces in the school allow for a tremendous amount of creativity” @VictorBoulanger[/tweetthis]
As Victor points out during our conversation, he did not do it alone.  With help from 21st Century Learning Consultants Justin Hardman and Sunil Talwar and technology leaders at his own school, a project was transformed into a finished project worthy of a visit the next time you are in Taiwan.
[tweetthis]”My experience tells me that technology & people need to work together without friction”[/tweetthis]


Victor Boulanger is the new Director of Learning Design at Kaohsiung International School.
Previously, Victor taught and managed a school network for 6 years in Chicago at Josephinum Academy and integrated the international schools’ network at the International School of Curacao where he taught alongside his fiance Jessica Faivre for 4 years.
Victor Boulanger speaks French, English, and Spanish. In parallel to his teacher and director of technology role in schools, he has taken part as yearbook editor, student council advisor, community service supervisor, volleyball coach and computer club advisor.

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