Getting To Yes: Securing a Position in an International School

Starting the job hunt for a position at an international school can be both frightening and exciting.
Or maybe just one of the two.
Knowing how to prepare for the process and having an understanding of what administrators on the hiring end are looking for can be a big help. Today I speak Tim Bray, The Director of EdTech at Cheongna Dalton School in Korea all about getting that coveted international school job.
Tim, in his own words, “peels back the veil”on the hiring process, how best to prepare and what administrators are secretly thinking before, during and after an interview.



Tim S Bray is an international educator with 22 years of experience. Most of that time (20 years) has been overseas and in 1:1 learning environments. He is passionate about helping teachers and students become effective and efficient users of technology in their teaching and learning.

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