Letting Our Kids Get Risky With Dr. Mariana Brussoni

“Be careful, not too high.”
“I wish you would not do that.”
“Time to do homework.”
“You have to worry about people out there. “
“Come on in we have to go to your next scheduled activity.”
These are common phrases parents utter to their children in the world today.  And, as many of us know, this may be a departure from the past where we had lots of free time to explore and take risks while we were growing up.
Dr. Mariana Brussoni is both my guest today and a developmental pediatrician focused on risky play and, believe it or not, how we don’t do enough of it.
She helps us understand that we need to let our kids explore more on their own, take a few risks along the way and learn their own limits. I think you will enjoy listening to someone challenge our current beliefs about what is good parenting.
I know I did.  


Dr. Mariana Brussoni is a developmental psychologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia. She is an investigator with the British Columbia Children’s Hospital Research Institute and the British Columbia Injury Research & Prevention Unit. Dr. Brussoni investigates child injury prevention, parenting and children’s risky play.




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