Louise Favaro Tells Her Story About Reversing Silence Among Girls

Today I talk with Louse Favaro about her blog post Reversing and Preventing a Culture of Silence Among Girls
The story is shocking, surprising and a good insight into what we may be dealing with as teachers to students in an international setting.  
Start with her intro below then head off to read the article.
In light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the #MeToo movement that followed, Louise Favaro shares insights from dealing with what appeared to be an incident involving inappropriate language by middle school boys, but further investigation opened a Pandora’s box of misogynistic behaviour toward middle school girls that had been secretly tolerated for years. This led to a better understanding of how blind acceptance, normalization, and a culture of silence can start at a young age, and what we can do in schools to reverse and prevent it.


Louise Favaro is a writer and speaker who has worked in education for more than 25 years, mainly in international schools that were International Baccalaureate (IBDP, MYP, and PYP) and One-to-one Laptop (Mac Platform). In addition to her experience as an IB Diploma Teacher, a Counselor, and an Administrator, Louise is a practitioner of Mindfulness Based Systemic Constellations to help people deal with interpersonal dynamics in families and organizations.

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